The Statesman Table

In “The Statesman“ I have been fortunate enough to work with my team of extraordinary engineers to create a unique and functional piece.

The table incorporates the classical great games of Chess, Backgammon and my own favourite, Bridge, complete with score cards and silver pencils; games that are seamlessly revealed within seconds of each other.

As the names suggests, the table has a strong presence. It is made from the finest materials – Macassar Ebony veneers, highly polished Nickel with traditionally suede – lined drawers, all encased in a beautiful form.

Skolnik London



luxury games table

Height: 72cm
Diameter: 95cm

Veneers: Macassar Ebony and Figured Birch

Base: Polished Nickel with Macassar Ebony inserts

Lockable Integrated Drawer with Brushed Suede Interior
Chess to Backgammon Rotation (please watch our video to see this in action)
Nickel and Leather Backgammon Checkers on a Leather and Macassar Board
Stirling Silver Bridge Pencils